Les Amis du Groupement d’intérêt scientifique – Moyen-Orient & mondes musulmans

Founded on 12 July 2014 (as published in the Journal Officiel), this association seeks to encourage academic studies on the Middle East and the Muslim world, in particular through the organization of an annual or biennial congress. At the same time, it organizes palaeographical and philological seminars for advanced students in our field of research. AGIS is also responsible for receiving registration fees for the GIS Congresses, gifts from private individuals and sponsors, and public sector grants.

AGIS Office-bearers:
Chairman: Bernard Hourcade, Emeritus Director of Research, CNRS
Deputy Chairman: Catherine Mayeur-Jaouen
Treasurer: Marc Aymes
Secretary: Audrey Dridi
AGIS’ offices are located at INALCO, 2 rue de Lille, Paris 7e.
To become a member, write to

Scientific Interest Group