Fifth Heritage & Archaeology Diwan

You are warmly invited to participate in the Fifth Heritage & Archaeology Diwan. Jointly organized by Ifpo and the University of Jordan, the Diwanis a round table event designed to increase awarness of research on archaeology and heritageofJordan. The Diwan is kindly supported by ACOR, CBRL and GPIA

Sunday, June 20, 2021,  at  University of Jordan, Schoolof Archaeology and Tourism as well as online

Online Access

11:00-11:05 Welcome Address by Dr. Nada al-Rawabdeh, Dean of the School of Archaeology and Tourism

11:05-11:10 Introduction by Dr. Julie Bonnéric (Ifpo), Dr. Fouad Hourani (UJ)and Dr. Oliver Pilz (UJ)

Session 1: Archaeological Research

11:10-11:20 Dr.Stefan L. Smith (University of Gent, Belgium)-Investigating the “Black Desert” (Harra)Using Modern Tech-nologies –Experiences from the “Western Harra Survey”-10’Q&A

11:30-11:40 Giacomo Ponticelli(University of Florence, Italy)-Framing the Rural Landscapes of Shawbak in the Middle and Late Islamic Periods: First Results-10’Q&A

Session 2: Material Culture

11:50-12:00 Gaia Cecconi (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)-The Language of Signs: A Reevaluation of Potter’s Marks in the Early Bronze Age I-III Jordan-10’Q&A

12:10-12:20 Flora Muntrez (École pratique des hautes études,Paris,FranceandIfpo, Amman)-Identity and Territory: To Situate within the Contemporary Christian World. The Topographical Representations in the Christian Pavement Mosaics of the Arabia province (IVth-VIIIthCentury)-10’Q&A

12:30-12:40 Qais Qudah (University of Jordan)-ة ی ملاسلا ا ر ا ث لآ ا و شو ق ن ل ا ي ف ة ی ف رخز ل ا ة ی ر ا م ع م ل ا رصا ن ع ل ا لوح تا ظحلام-10’Q&A

Coffee Break

Session 3: Site Valorization

1:20-1:30 Razan Tuama (German Jordanian University)-The Ammonite Citadel Park Project:Involving Cultural, Historical and Social Surrounding-10’Q&A

1:40-1:50 Huda Hakme (Al-Ahliyya Amman University)-Archeological Rihab Project:New Tourist Trail-10’Q&A

2:00-2:10 Shaden Habaibeh (Al-Ahliyya Amman University)-Reviving the Hejaz Railway/Amman Train Station:Adaptive Reuse -10’Q&A

2:20-2:30 Wajd Al Nawafleh (Petra Archaeological Park)-اعقیسل ا يف ظا فحل ا لام-رتبلااء-10’Q&A

2:40-2:50 YoussefHilo (Arab OpenUniversity)-The Role of Tourguides in Protecting and Safeguarding our Cultural Heritage-10’Q&A

3:00-3:05 Concluding Remarks by Dr. Julie Bonnéric (Ifpo),Dr. Fouad Hourani (UJ)and Dr. Oliver Pilz (UJ)