Amman in the Prehistory, by Zeidan KAFAFI – April 13, 2021

The Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo) and the Institut français de Jordanie (IFJ) are pleased to invite you to a lecture

Amman in the Prehistory,

by Zeidan KAFAFI (Former President of Yarmouk University)

April, 13  ( 4:30-5:30 PM in Amman, 3:30-4:30 PM CET)


To attend:

  • at the Institut français de Jordanie (4 Al Sharia College Street – Jabal Webdeh), please register via this form.
  • online, free access on registration via this link.

Limes Statues from Ain al-Ghazal (by Z. Kafafi)


For a long time, archaeologists have studied Amman during the Bronze, Iron, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods. Unfortunately, no attention has been given to Amman during the prehistoric periods till the discovery of the famous Neolithic site ‘Ain Ghazal during the early eighties of the last century.

Amman is located in the Wadi az-Zarqa Basin, thus it is believed that before discussing the prehistory of Amman we have to throw a quick look on the nature and prehistory of Wadi az-Zarqa. Due to the results of archaeological excavations and surveys it is assured that this part of Jordan had been populated of people starting continuously from the Palaeolithic period to Modern times. The earliest Prehistoric remains were found in the az-Zarqa governorate (es-Sukhneh), meanwhile the earliest farming communities were attested at the site Khraysan, but the most famous Neolithic site found in Amman is the site ‘Ain Ghazal. However, we will concentrate our in this presentation on the results of the excavations conducted at ‘Ain Ghazal, since it situates on the eastern outskirts of the capital Amman.

Dr. Zeidan Kafafi is a prominent Jordanian archaeologist and researcher that excavated many sites in Jordan. He directed in particular the excavation at ‘Ain Ghazal and Abu Hamid. He is a specialist of Prehistoric and Protohistoric periods. He published reference books such as Jebel Abu Thawwab (Er-Rumman), Central Jordan: The Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age I occupations, Prehistory of Jordan II with H.G. Gebel and G. Rollefson, or Jerusalem before Islam with R. Schick. He was the President of the Yarmouk University as well as the Director of the Jordan Museum. He was decorated with the “King Abdullah II Medal”, the French medallion “Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques” and he received the Arab Archaeologists League Shield.

Organised by

Julie Bonnéric (Ifpo)

Norig Neveu (Iremam)